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The New Age of Computer Innovation

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Believe it or not?! The fact is that your computer has been completely liberated. Your desk is no more its only paradise. From now on, you can take and use your Tablet PC whenever and wherever you want. It's like your own "pet" -- accompany with you whether you are on a business trip or a picnic, even on the bus. 电脑图片
The lastest lighter and thinner design make it look much smarter and more frivolous. With this Tablet PC, browsing the Internet, playing games, checking e-mail, enjoying the video and doing some reading have become so easy and natural. It almost makes you forget those incredible technology which is just under your fingertips. 电脑图片
All that you can see is absolutely clear, vivid and bright, even when it's in dark environment like cabin. The screen is still not affected. The active rotate program will automatically detect the internal orientation of the screen, in order to achieve synchronous rotation for the user interface. Hence, no matter the screen is horizontally, vertically or upside down, the user interface faces positively to the users. Screen using a IPS (in-plane switching ) display technology, providing a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Whether is showed to the people of the other side of the room, or to the people around, everybody sees is a wonderful picture from the screen. Do you want to try this new concept? We now can provide you an opportunity for this special experience. You don't need to pay an IPAD charge to get this nice tablet PC which is operated under Android system, and with similar powerful function as IPAD. We will try our best to meet your need, and would like to provide you our best after-sales services. Our address is located at Guangdong Province Shenzhen City Guanlan town of Guihua Road No. 95 TEL: 86-755-27982314
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