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Ad-web 3in1 Platform

Posted time: 5/24/2013 5:05:00 PM | Poster: | Hit rate: 19889

With the rapid development of internet technology, the distance between people is getting closer and closer. We are free from the fixed workplace, saving time and accomplishing more. This is a result of electronic and systematic. Under the drive of the social networking, we believe that a sub-domain name platform will be a good business concept. Therefore, based on the community networks, we develop our brand -- "Ad-web", providing 3-in-1 e-commerce platform service. "Ad-web 3in1 Platform" is an internet creative program, which is a combination of the social networking concept design, including Ad-Blog, Ad-Web and Ad-Chat. Besides, we also have sub-domain names to support (e.g. This will create a lot of business opportunity for enterprises or entrepreneurs. User can promote their products and service through our platform. On one hand, customers will easily get to know what they can provide. On the other hand, their innovative concept could be inspired.